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Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend

RPAD6.SA dividend dates, history of Alfa Holdings S.A. annual dividend yield in 2020. Does Alfa Holdings S.A. pay dividends? How often does Alfa Holdings S.A. pay dividends?
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When does Alfa Holdings S.A. pay dividends?

Alfa Holdings S.A. pay dividend once a year, last RPAD6.SA dividend payment date was 28/01/2020.

How much dividend does Alfa Holdings S.A. pay?

Alfa Holdings S.A. paid 7.7 R$ per share last time and trailing annual dividend yield is 81.52 %.

When is Alfa Holdings S.A. next dividend date?

Next Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend payout will be in January 2021.

Alfa Holdings S.A. dividends on is a real-time service collecting data on Alfa Holdings S.A. dividends in the form of a table and graph. Dividends on shares of Alfa Holdings S.A. - the main income, which shows the effectiveness of investing money in shares of this company. Our service shows the history of dividend payments Alfa Holdings S.A. and forecasts for the payment of dividends. Alfa Holdings S.A. dividends, payment history you can see in our service in the form of a diagram for the last few payments.


Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend history

For different payment dates, the dividend chart of Alfa Holdings S.A. draws its own column. The height of the bar shows the size of the amount of dividend payments. Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend schedule is available in real time. The dividend chart of the organization Alfa Holdings S.A. displays only the latest payment amounts. There is more information in the table.

Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend dates

Dividend payment dates are collected in our online table. The table of dividends received by Alfa Holdings S.A. shareholders displays more payment dates than the online schedule. Each line of the dividend payment table corresponds to its payment date. The amount of dividend payments Alfa Holdings S.A. is in the second column of the dividend table.

RPAD6.SA payment date Payout
Payout sum for one stock share.
Dividend yield
Dividend yield is the ratio of the annual dividend per share to the share price.
28/01/2020 7.7 BRL 81.52%
18/08/2017 4 BRL 133.33%
20/03/2015 0.013 BRL 1.4%
22/01/2015 0.0013 BRL 0.14%
14/08/2012 0.0011 BRL 0.052%

The company's dividends are calculated per 1 share of Alfa Holdings S.A.. Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend per share is calculated and shown in dollars. Dividend yield Alfa Holdings S.A. is the ratio of the amount of dividends paid per year per share to the value of one share. The dividend yield of Alfa Holdings S.A. shares is now in our online service - 81.52 %.

Dividend yield is an important indicator for an investor along with a change in the value of the stock price. Dividend yield Alfa Holdings S.A. in the past or the history of dividend yield is the main indicator of the stability of the company. The history of dividend yield in our online service is presented in the form of a dividend yield table for Alfa Holdings S.A. for the last 20 payments. You will find the latest Alfa Holdings S.A. dividend yield in the very first row of the table.

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