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Stock ratings. Where to invest?

Stock ratings. Where to invest?

Generate your own top list of stock quotes depending on your criteria. Customize your rating by price rising, market capitalization, annual dividend yield, financial reports etc.
Stock price grown:
Filter out the selection of companies which share stocks rose over the selected period of time.
Paying dividends: *
A dividend is the distribution of reward from a portion of company's earnings, and is paid to a class of its shareholders. Dividends can be issued as cash payments, as shares of stock, or other property, though cash dividends are the most common.
Country or Stock Exchange:
Filter out company list by geographic location or stock exchange where the company's shares are traded.

Other options: *
Positive Net Income - filter out companies which a profitable according to last revenue report. No debts - show companies without any liability to bank sector or government. All values in US dollars - companies' shares are traded in various currencies, for ease of comparison, all values will be converted to US dollars.

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Stock price grown:
Filter out the selection of companies which share stocks rose over the selected period of time.
Financials: *
Data on dividends and financial statements are not available for all companies.

* Data on dividends and financial statements are not available for all companies.

Stock ratings. Where to invest? - one of the most important online services of the site

Where to invest is the most important question for all investors. It is clear that it is most profitable to invest in stocks of companies that are growing steadily and without risk in price. The profitability of investments is also determined by the amount and regularity of dividend payments.

But besides these obvious parameters, there are many more characteristics of companies on stock exchanges that can influence the question: “Where to invest money?”.

In our service for rating stocks of companies on world stock exchanges, we take into account the following financial indicators of companies:

  • Has the stock price risen
  • When dividends are paid
  • Companies with positive net income
  • The period of rising stock prices of the company on the stock exchange
  • Financial performance of the company - net income
  • Financial performance of the company - total assets
  • Financial performance - total revenue
  • Company capitalization
  • Dividend yield
  • Amount of dividend payment
  • Earnings per share

Online stock rating by the profitability of investing money allows you to filter the list of stock companies by these parameters.

Moreover, you can create your own widget for each company from our rating in order to track online whether it is profitable to invest in it.

Information in the service “Stock ratings. Where to invest?” is taken from open reliable sources and updated in real time.

Has stock price risen?

Has stock price risen? - the filter field of our service that allows you to limit the selection to companies whose shares have grown over a selected period of time.

Indicate that you are interested in companies whose shares have grown, you can for different periods of time.

So our filter “Has the price of shares increased” allows you to choose a company whose share price has increased over the period: from last week, from last month, over the past 3 months, from last year, over the past 3 years.

When dividends are paid

When dividends are paid, this is one and important issue for every investor.

Dividends - remuneration calculated from the profit of the company and paid by decision of the meeting of shareholders of the company. Dividends are most often cash payments.

Our filter allows you to choose the companies that pay or do not pay dividends.

And those who pay can choose the timing when companies pay dividends.

The dividend payment filter by global stock market companies allows you to choose a company by the frequency of payments: once a year, once every six months, once a quarter, often 4 times a year.

Net Income Companies

Companies with positive net income are the most successful companies in the world.

The constant positive net income of the company is the dream of any top manager of the company and any investor.

The filter of our service allows you to choose a company with a positive net income from all world companies and consider only them as applicants for investment.

Stock Price Growth Period

The period of rising stock prices of the company on the stock exchange is the main indicator of the stability of the company's profitability. If a company works steadily and regularly shows profit, then its shares are regularly growing.

The period of steady growth of company profits may be different. The longer this time interval, the greater the value of the company.

Our service makes it possible to sort the list of companies according to the period of price increases: for the last 3 years, from last year, for the last 3 months, from last month, from last week.

Financial performance, net income

The company's financial performance, such as net income, is the total amount of the company's revenue for the specified reporting period minus all expenses and taxes.

The financial indicator “Net income” primarily affects the payment of dividends.

The company's net income also affects the future growth of the company's stock price in the stock market.

Company financial indicators, total assets

The financial performance of the company. The total amount of assets is an indicator that says how large and reliable the company is.

The sum of the company's assets is the fund that provides the value of the share.

As a rule, the total value of a company's shares never falls below the total amount of the organization’s assets on stock exchanges.

Financial performance, total revenue

Financial performance. The total revenue of the company is the amount of money received in the company's account for the selected reporting period.

The total revenue of the company is an understandable basic indicator of what will be the company's profit in the current and next reporting period.

In our online service of rating companies on stock exchanges, you can sort companies by the indicator “total company revenue”.

Company capitalization

Company capitalization is the sum of the value of all campaign shares.

The company's capitalization is the parameter that primarily speaks of the size of the company. You can sort the companies by the “company capitalization” parameter.

As a rule, on the international market, capitalization indicators of world companies are considered in dollars.

Dividend yield

Dividend yield - income received from each unit of invested money per share, and determined by the amount of dividends paid on this share.

The dividend yield, together with the change in the price of a share for the reporting period, is the profit that an investor who invests in a company share will receive.

But the indicator "dividend yield" is usually more stable than the stock price. For long-term investments, it is precisely the dividend yield that is the main guideline for the stock market participants to invest in the company.

Dividend payout amount

The amount of dividend payment is a total indicator for the entire company and determining how much total money was spent on paying all the dividends of the company.

The amount of dividend payments is interesting in combination with the total profit of the company and the cost of one share.

In our stock rating service, you can choose a method of sorting by the “Dividend payment amount” indicator.

Earnings per share

Earnings per share - one of the main indicators for an investor in the stock market.

Earnings per share - the total profit of the company, divided by the number of all shares of the company listed on stock exchanges.

You can sort the list of companies you need by the “earnings per share” characteristics to see the most profitable companies.