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NEW WORLD DEV. dividend

NWD.BE dividend dates, history of NEW WORLD DEV. annual dividend yield in 2020. Does NEW WORLD DEV. pay dividends? How often does NEW WORLD DEV. pay dividends?
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When does NEW WORLD DEV. pay dividends?

NEW WORLD DEV. pay dividend 2 times in a year, last NWD.BE dividend payment date was 21/11/2019.

How much dividend does NEW WORLD DEV. pay?

NEW WORLD DEV. paid 0.37 € per share last time and trailing annual dividend yield is 63.25 %.

When is NEW WORLD DEV. next dividend date?

Next NEW WORLD DEV. dividend payout will be in March 2021.

Dividends NEW WORLD DEV. is an online service of the project, showing all the information on dividends of NEW WORLD DEV.. Dividends on shares of NEW WORLD DEV. - the main income, which shows the effectiveness of investing money in shares of this company. NEW WORLD DEV. dividend payment history is available in our online service. Each column in the NEW WORLD DEV. dividend chart corresponds to a payment on a specific date.


NEW WORLD DEV. dividend history

The larger the payout amount, the higher the bar of the chart. It is easy enough to observe the dynamics of the amount of dividends received, analyzing the height of the columns of the chart. The schedule of dividends received by NEW WORLD DEV. in recent years is displayed at the top of our dividend service page. The dividend schedule of NEW WORLD DEV. over the past year is most visible.

NEW WORLD DEV. dividend dates

Dividend payment dates are collected in our online table. NEW WORLD DEV. dividend table contains more information than the schedule on dividend payment dates. One line of the table has one payment date. By the number of rows in the table for the year, you can understand how many times dividends were paid to NEW WORLD DEV. for the year. You can see the size of dividends of NEW WORLD DEV. for the required date in the second column of the dividend table.

NWD.BE payment date Payout
Payout sum for one stock share.
Dividend yield
Dividend yield is the ratio of the annual dividend per share to the share price.
21/11/2019 0.37 EUR 63.25%
18/03/2019 0.14 EUR 19.86%
16/03/2018 0.14 EUR 11.86%
23/11/2017 0.33 EUR 53.97%
10/03/2017 0.13 EUR 23.01%
24/11/2016 0.31 EUR 62.69%
11/03/2016 0.13 EUR 30.09%
20/11/2015 0.3 EUR 32.93%
21/11/2014 0.3 EUR 66.59%
14/03/2014 0.12 EUR 33.99%
21/11/2013 0.3 EUR 71.15%
15/03/2013 0.12 EUR 18.95%
23/11/2012 0.28 EUR 50.73%
16/03/2012 0.1 EUR 22.62%
24/11/2011 0.28 EUR 96.29%
18/03/2011 0.1 EUR 19.57%
15/11/2010 0.28 EUR 45.34%
01/04/2010 0.1 EUR 17.92%
30/11/2009 0.22 EUR 37.26%
06/04/2009 0.09 EUR 15.02%
26/11/2008 0.25 EUR 87.4%
14/04/2008 0.18 EUR 26.05%
21/11/2007 0.25 EUR 24.53%
05/04/2007 0.15 EUR 18.91%
20/11/2006 0.2 EUR 15.02%

The company's dividends are calculated per 1 share of NEW WORLD DEV.. The currency for displaying the dividend payment amount is NEW WORLD DEV. - dollar. Dividend yield NEW WORLD DEV. is the ratio of the amount of dividends paid per year per share to the value of one share. The dividend yield on NEW WORLD DEV. shares is 63.25 % today.

Dividend yield along with changes in the value of the stock price is the main indicator of the profitability of investments. The dividend yield of NEW WORLD DEV. last year and the history of dividend yield for other years a few years ago is very important information for assessing the quality of investing in shares of this company. The history of dividend yield in our NEW WORLD DEV. dividend yield table is available for the last 20 payments. You will find the latest NEW WORLD DEV. dividend yield in the very first row of the table.

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