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AMERCO earnings schedule

AMERCO quarterly earnings, UHAL earnings report for 2019. When does AMERCO report earnings?
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When does AMERCO report earnings?

AMERCO reports earnings every quartal, last AMERCO earnings report date was 06/02/2019.

How much is AMERCO earnings per share?

AMERCO estimated earnings per share was 4.01 $ last time.

When is AMERCO next earnings report?

Next AMERCO earnings call will be in May 2019.


AMERCO earnings report

AMERCO quarterly earnings

UHAL earnings date Estimated EPS
A company's earnings per share, or EPS, is calculated by dividing net income (or profits) to the number of company's shares.
Change for a year %
06/02/2019 4.01 USD +71.37% ↑
07/11/2018 8.35 USD +31.29% ↑
08/08/2018 6.53 USD +1.4% ↑
30/05/2018 0.66 USD +14.29% ↑
07/02/2018 9.2 USD -29.73% ↓
08/11/2017 7.18 USD -22.628% ↓
09/08/2017 6.46 USD -14.248% ↓

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