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OGZPY stock price

Gazprom stock price today, OGZPY stock quote, Gazprom share price online.
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OGZPY = 8.01 US dollar
-0.28 USD (-3.496%)
change of stock price since yesterday

Information about stock quote given from open sources. All stocks operations are done in stock exchange markets. Updated stock quotes. 1 stock of Gazprom is now 8.01 US dollar. 1 stock of Gazprom fell by 0.28 US dollar. For 1 stock of Gazprom now you need to pay 8.01 US dollar.


Gazprom share price in US dollar

A week ago, Gazprom stock could be sold for 8.77 US dollar. A month ago, Gazprom stock can be exchanged for 9.29 US dollar. Six months ago, Gazprom stock could be bought for 7.54 US dollar. Chart of the stock price is on the page. -8.61% per week - the change in the stock price of Gazprom. 39.06% - change in the stock price of Gazprom in US dollar per year.

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Stock quotes Gazprom US dollar

OGZPY to US dollar (USD)
1 OGZPY 8.01 US dollar
5 OGZPY 40.05 US dollar
10 OGZPY 80.10 US dollar
25 OGZPY 200.25 US dollar
50 OGZPY 400.50 US dollar
100 OGZPY 801 US dollar
250 OGZPY 2 002.50 US dollar
500 OGZPY 4 005 US dollar

If you have 80.10 US dollar, then in the British Virgin Islands you can buy 10 stocks of Gazprom. Buying 25 stocks of Gazprom costs 200.25 US dollar. You can buy 50 stocks of Gazprom for 400.50 US dollar. Buying 100 stocks of Gazprom costs 801 US dollar. Today, 2 002.50 US dollar can be exchanged for 250 stocks of Gazprom. Today, 4 005 US dollar can be exchanged for 500 stocks of Gazprom.

OGZPY stock price history

Date Rate Change
20/01/2022 8.01 USD -0.28 ↓
19/01/2022 8.29 USD 0.48 ↑
18/01/2022 7.81 USD -0.937 ↓
14/01/2022 8.75 USD -0.015 ↓
13/01/2022 8.77 USD -

Today at 20 January 2022, 1 stock of Gazprom costs 8.01 US dollar. Gazprom stock price in US dollar on 19 January 2022 - 8.29 US dollar. 18 January 2022, 1 stock of Gazprom costs 7.81 US dollar. The maximum stock quote of OGZPY/USD in was on 13/01/2022. The minimum Gazprom stock price in US dollar in was on 18/01/2022.


Today's stock price of Gazprom is 8.01 $. OGZPY stock price changed by -3.496% or -0.28 USD since last trading day. You can buy 100 OGZPY stocks for 801 US dollar or sell 50 OGZPY stocks for 400.50 US dollar.

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