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LGD1L.VS stock price

LITGRID AB stock price today, LGD1L.VS stock quote, LITGRID AB share price online.
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LGD1L.VS = 0.59 Euro
-0.01 EUR (-1.7094%)
change of stock price since yesterday

Shows the last deal stock price of LITGRID AB in Euro. Stock quotations in different stock exchange markets. Updated stock quotes. 1 stock of LITGRID AB now equals 0.59 Euro. 1 stock of LITGRID AB has become cheaper by 0.01 Euro. LITGRID AB stock price falls since yesterday.


LITGRID AB share price in Euro

A month ago, LITGRID AB stock could be bought for 0 Euro. Three months ago, LITGRID AB stock can be exchanged for 0.64 Euro. A year ago, LITGRID AB stock could be bought for 0.67 stock of Euro. The stock price of the LITGRID AB in Euro can be seen on the chart. Over the week, LITGRID AB in Euro stock price changed by 0%. -12.69% per year - the change in the stock price of LITGRID AB.

Week Month 3 months Year 3 years

Stock quotes LITGRID AB Euro

LGD1L.VS to Euro (EUR)
1 LGD1L.VS 0.59 Euro
5 LGD1L.VS 2.93 Euro
10 LGD1L.VS 5.85 Euro
25 LGD1L.VS 14.63 Euro
50 LGD1L.VS 29.25 Euro
100 LGD1L.VS 58.50 Euro
250 LGD1L.VS 146.25 Euro
500 LGD1L.VS 292.50 Euro

If you have 10 stocks of LITGRID AB, then in Austria they can be exchanged for 5.85 Euro. Today, 14.63 Euro is the price for 25 stocks of LITGRID AB. Today 29.25 EUR = 50 stocks of LGD1L.VS. To buy 100 stocks of LITGRID AB, 58.50 Euro are required. Today, 146.25 Euro is enough to buy 250 stocks of LITGRID AB. Today 500 stocks of LGD1L.VS = 292.50 EUR.

LGD1L.VS stock price history

Date Rate Change
21/01/2020 0.59 EUR -
17/01/2020 0.59 EUR -
15/01/2020 0.59 EUR -0.01 ↓
13/01/2020 0.6 EUR 0.01 ↑
07/01/2020 0.59 EUR -

LITGRID AB stock price in Euro on 21 January 2020 - 0.59 Euro. 17 January 2020, 1 stock of LITGRID AB = 0.59 Euro. 15 January 2020, 1 stock of LITGRID AB costs 0.59 Euro. The maximum stock price of LGD1L.VS/EUR for the last month was on 13/01/2020. LITGRID AB stock price in Euro on 7 January 2020 is equal to 0.59 Euro.


Today's stock price of LITGRID AB is 0.59 €. LGD1L.VS stock price changed by -1.7094% or -0.01 EUR since last trading day. You can buy 100 LGD1L.VS stocks for 58.50 Euro or sell 50 LGD1L.VS stocks for 29.25 Euro.

LITGRID AB stocks data

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