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Information about CREALOGIX Holding AG, CLXN.SW stock data.
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Stock symbol: CLXN.SW
Company name: CREALOGIX Holding AG
Stock exchange: Swiss Electronic Bourse (EBS)
Country: Switzerland
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

CLXN.SW is the ticker or stock symbol for CREALOGIX Holding AG. You can trade CREALOGIX Holding AG stocks on Swiss Electronic Bourse stock exchange. CREALOGIX Holding AG headquarters based in Switzerland. Stocks of CREALOGIX Holding AG trading in Swiss franc.

Background information on CREALOGIX Holding AG on this web page is compiled by All parameters of CREALOGIX Holding AG are loaded online from publicly available public sources. CREALOGIX Holding AG company - or simply CREALOGIX Holding AG - is the name of an officially registered legal entity. CREALOGIX Holding AG carries out commercial activities in the country of registration and other places in the world.

Information about the company CREALOGIX Holding AG is provided by the companies themselves, exchanges and other official sources. Here is only a brief background information about CREALOGIX Holding AG. Ticker CLXN.SW - a short conditional name for CREALOGIX Holding AG in exchange information. A stock ticker is a unique identifier within a single exchange or information system.

CREALOGIX Holding AG can also be traded on other exchanges other than Swiss Electronic Bourse, but, as a rule, the volume of these trades is less than on the main stock exchange. Country of registration CREALOGIX Holding AG is the country where the main taxes are paid. In most cases, the main office of the company is located in the country of registration. The country of the company CREALOGIX Holding AG is tracked in real time.

The currency of the company CREALOGIX Holding AG, in which the financial balance of the company is maintained, is Swiss franc. The reporting currency of the company is usually national, i.e. corresponds to the country where the registered company. If the company is international, then the reporting currency of the company is usually the dollar. Large companies often have many websites.

Web sites of large companies can be faked or copied. It is very important to know the official website of CREALOGIX Holding AG in order to understand that you are working with this organization. The main manager is the official position of the head of the company. Information about the leader of CREALOGIX Holding AG is taken from open sources and tracked online.


CREALOGIX Holding AG stocks data

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