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AbbVie Inc. earnings schedule

AbbVie Inc. quarterly earnings, ABBV earnings report for 2020. When does AbbVie Inc. report earnings?
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When does AbbVie Inc. report earnings?

AbbVie Inc. reports earnings every quartal, last AbbVie Inc. earnings report date was 31/12/2019.

How much is AbbVie Inc. earnings per share?

AbbVie Inc. estimated earnings per share was 2.21 $ last time.

When is AbbVie Inc. next earnings report?

Next AbbVie Inc. earnings call will be in March 2021.

AbbVie Inc. earnings per share of a financial organization is a calculated indicator of the success of a company, tied to the value of the organization itself. Earnings per share are calculated according to the formula: the amount of the company's profit for the financial period according to official reports is divided by the number of shares in the company. Obviously, AbbVie Inc. earnings per share is a variable indicator for a specific financial period. Profit of AbbVie Inc. - the organization’s reported profit for the financial interval specified by law.


AbbVie Inc. earnings report

AbbVie Inc. total profit is for reference only and is not interesting to individual shareholders. More important is the calculation of earnings per share. This value is the basis for calculating dividends and is much more in demand by the attention of shareholders. The date of the income statement of AbbVie Inc. is established by law and the rules of the organization. The dates of AbbVie Inc. profit statements for recent periods are shown in the table and graph of our online service.

AbbVie Inc. quarterly earnings

Earnings per share AbbVie Inc. is calculated by dividing the company's profit by the number of its shares. Earnings per share of AbbVie Inc. is determined for a fixed financial period and corresponds to the outputs of the financial statements on the company's profit. AbbVie Inc. earnings per share for the last reporting period can be found in our table (the top row) or graph (the rightmost column). Quarterly profit AbbVie Inc. is the most common type of financial report for financial analytics.

ABBV earnings date Estimated EPS
A company's earnings per share, or EPS, is calculated by dividing net income (or profits) to the number of company's shares.
Change for a year %
31/12/2019 2.21 USD +12.98% ↑
30/09/2019 2.33 USD +14.12% ↑
30/06/2019 2.26 USD +12% ↑
31/03/2019 2.14 USD +14.34% ↑
31/12/2018 1.9 USD +34.89% ↑
30/09/2018 2.14 USD +45.52% ↑
30/06/2018 2 USD +41.08% ↑
31/03/2018 1.87 USD +42.1% ↑
31/12/2017 1.48 USD +20.32% ↑
30/09/2017 1.41 USD +15.66% ↑
30/06/2017 1.42 USD +16.53% ↑
31/03/2017 1.28 USD +11.37% ↑
31/12/2016 1.2 USD +6.58% ↑
30/09/2016 1.21 USD +11% ↑
30/06/2016 1.26 USD +13.31% ↑
31/03/2016 1.15 USD +32.83% ↑
31/12/2015 1.13 USD +30.98% ↑
30/09/2015 1.13 USD +39.62% ↑
30/06/2015 1.08 USD +39.73% ↑
31/03/2015 0.94 USD +25.43% ↑
31/12/2014 0.89 USD +3.94% ↑
30/09/2014 0.89 USD -0.435% ↓
30/06/2014 0.82 USD -
31/03/2014 0.71 USD -
31/12/2013 0.82 USD -
30/09/2013 0.82 USD -

AbbVie Inc. quarterly earnings per share is also one of the organization’s profitability indicators, although less popular than annual earnings per share. Last quarterly profit AbbVie Inc. is now considered to be quarterly profit for the last closed fiscal quarter of this year. Change in profit AbbVie Inc. for the year is a calculated value for additional information that shows the change in percentage of profit with the same interval of the last year. A change in AbbVie Inc. quarterly profit compared to last year may be significant for companies with a seasonal business. But the main indicator of the company's profitability is the annual change in profit.

The dynamics of the company's profit is displayed as a percentage. The profit history of AbbVie Inc. for the past years and reporting periods is in the table “Quarterly profit”. AbbVie Inc. quarterly earnings history is available online for each year and quarter over the past ten years. AbbVie Inc. online profit database for past time intervals is compiled from verified official sources throughout the entire time.

AbbVie Inc. stocks data

AbbVie Inc. financials